#ParentTeacherMeetUp - Week 3

Monday, September 28

Tonight as I sit down to write about our past week, I find myself wondering if there will ever come a day when I can start my post with anything other that "Last week was a crazy week!" I hope so. But, for now... last week was a crazy week! Not a bad, week. Just busy. And busy is not something I like to be. The good news is that I am really making progress towards getting things in good working order. The interesting news is that life will change in a big way again in early January and I will likely have to figure things out all over again. I shouldn't borrow tomorrow's trouble though. Let's focus on the past week, shall we?

Drawing math stories about adding and subtracting apples

What was your best teaching moment this week? 
This one is kind of a toss-up. I loved our poetry lesson again this week (I know I already shared that once...) but I am also pretty excited about getting his portfolio going finally and getting the papers I have been keeping to this point all organized in it! 

What was your biggest struggle?
We have been struggling with sleep. Again. Which means we are struggling with Aiden's attitude during school and just about every other hour of the day. I adore my child, but the constant need to discipline him this week was tiring. I know the biggest part of the sleep issues are my fault, as I have been so busy and distracted that I am not giving him the attention he needs at bedtime. And my husband has been helping with some chores he doesn't usually need to do so he is often running behind too. We are just all a bit of a mess. But we are working on it, and I am hopeful for the coming week. 

Were there any milestones met or special accomplishments this week? 
Aiden filled his first bookshelf reading log, which means he has read us 30 books on his own. He got to go pick a treat (he chose whoppers) and was so excited to tell Daddy about his achievement! 

My sister and niece joined us for homeschool gym and a
visit to the Eric Carle art exhibit

What resources did you use this week that were awesome? 
I actually created one that I am pretty excited about. I will share it soon. I don't think I have shared the link to the poetry worksheet we are using yet. I am someone who needs just a general format to follow, and I love the fact that when we started the poem this week Aiden immediately knew to start highlighting words before we had even gotten the worksheet out. The worksheet can be found here

Best kid quote of the week (bc you know they say some funny stuff)
Oh man, I wish I could think of one right now. He is often cracking us up with his large vocabulary and how he uses words that surprise us on a regular basis. I might have to add something here if I remember later! 

Kid's choice: Share their favorite parts of the week from their perspective
Aiden says his favorite part of school this week was "Block City" which was the name of our poem for the week. He said he liked learning new words, and liked building his own block city! 

Online piano lessons continue to go well! He learned a new song this week.

Hopes for the week ahead.Still looking for a good rhythm for our family. I don't really believe in seeking balance, because I am not convinced a balanced life is possible (or even desirable... but that is a totally different post) but I do think we can find a rhythm that keeps life flowing a little better. I also hope to get in a good nature study this week.

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  1. I don't homeschool...yet...I say yet because I am seriously thinking about it. But what I can say is our biggest issue with learning at home after school and doing distractions. Technology, small spaces so it's loud...the dog...people stopping by. We are missionaries at an apartment community so people stop by all the time. *sigh* it's a struggle.


  2. As a former public ed teacher, kudos to you for homeschooling! I find that parents are afforded the freedom of creativity and choice in teaching that teachers aren't. The child wins when creativity is involved :)


  3. It sounds like you had a busy, yet productive week. We're still working on getting in the rhythm here too, even though I only have one going to school. It's funny how that one little change can throw everyone off. I like your link-up too, so if I ever have a more educational post, I will join in. thanks!

  4. Love reading about homeschooling mamas and their families! My kids are still too young and more than likely will go to our local public school, but it is something I am praying about and very open to as I love the ideas, creativity, mentoring, flexibility, learning outside of a classroom and one on one time that comes alone with the home options. Thanks so much for sharing and praying for a great week for you guys!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the opportunity to link up here. :-)

  6. My coworker is just starting to homeschool, it's so interesting.

  7. Looks like it was a great week. I feel like all my last weeks are crazy too! My sons love Eric Carle! Thanks for hosting this awesome link up party :)


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