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Monday, November 30

This year I have been doing the 4 Gifts blog series with a group of fabulous bloggers. Today I thought I would share the posts to date, as well as give you a sneak peek at this week's post! (That post will be up on Thursday as usual, but I have a little insta-giveaway related to it that is happening right now!)

So the idea of 4 gifts is that you give one gift for each of 4 different categories: WANT, NEED, WEAR and READ. 

For WANT I shared 1 of our family's favorite games to play together. We try to add one new game to our collection each year, so I shared some ideas in this post.

For NEED I shared a gift guide for essential oil fans... because I neeeeeed my oils, ha! You can get ideas for accessories and holiday oils in this post.

For WEAR I shared a style guide for my 5-year-old (although what he will probably get from us is socks because there are never socks when we need them! Ha!)

This Thursday I will post my READ guide, and I will give you a little hint about what it will contain. Your hint is the fun giveaway I am running over on Instagram! Come enter to win a copy of the Arch Books Treasury | Vintage Collection

Aiden LOVES his Arch Books, and this treasury contains the original 12 Arch Books from 1964-1965. But I will talk more about that on Thursday, as well as some other favorite reads! Check back for that later this week. 

Now it is YOUR turn to share a post about gifts for the #HFTHBlogHop!! 

With the holidays just around the corner, we want to share our favorite Traditions, Gifts, Decor, Food & more and we want to know YOURS! Join your hosts Neely, Branson, Lauren, Julia and Natasha the first week of December as we link up and step into your home for the holidays! 

The days for this blog party will be themed... link up as many posts as you like each day, as long as they fit the theme for the day! 

  • Monday - Gifts 
  • Tuesday - Recipes/Crafts 
  • Wednesday - Traditions/Activities
  • Thursday - Decor
  • Friday - Free for All! (Link up any holiday-related post, or make up for any of the days you missed!)

Make sure to link up with us every day and use the hashtag #HFTHbloghop to share photos and posts on social media. We will be retweeting and reposting your posts throughout the week... and on through the holidays! We will also pin our favorites to the Home for the Holidays pinterest board! Come join the fun - find some new blogs and get your blog out there while spreading cheer throughout the blogosphere! 

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  1. As a librarian, I love gifting books!

  2. What a fun link up!!

  3. We have a few books on our list too. Bunch of bookworks in this house. And we usually always give books as gifts for friends too!

  4. Such a fun link-up! :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great list! gifting books is a great idea.

  6. YAY for day one! Love your list!

  7. I cant wait for Thursday and the book recs! We need some new ones around here!

  8. Books are a must on our Christmas list every year too! It wouldn't be Christmas without a new addition to books as Christmas presents it is a tradition that every year I get a new Christmas book at the beginning of the season to ready with the family!

  9. I love this gifting idea. It's practical while still being FUN! TOtally going to implement this in the future.

    Coming Up Roses

  10. What a neat idea =) going to check out all the gift guides now :D


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