Sunday, January 15

2017 - Chapter 2/52

Week 2 - False Start

This was the week when everything was supposed to get back to "normal" finally. We were ready to resume homeschool and day care and everything that goes along with that. While there were some definite successes this week, there was also an overwhelming sense that something was out of sync.

We had a great first day of school. We loved having our day care honey back. We made healthy choices by getting back on track with our green smoothie mornings. Aiden even finally made it back to taekwondo on Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday night, though, things were starting to fall apart a bit. 

Saturday, January 14

Whole Grain Blueberry Cream Muffins

As we prepare for the impending ice storm that is all anyone can talk about right now, it is pretty much the perfect time to bake up some tasty muffins to have on hand just in case we really do lose power! It is no secret that I love baking muffins, and working with Hiland dairy as a sponsor this month gives me the perfect opportunity to share a new recipe! There are a number of reasons why I like muffins, starting with the fact that my husband is not a breakfast eater. We hear all the time that it is super important to start the day with a healthy breakfast, but he has a hard time making that happen. I have found that if I keep muffins on hand it is much more likely to put something in his stomach before he begins his physically-demanding workday.

Wednesday, January 11

Podcasts with a Purpose - Favorites for January 2017

I have been familiar with the idea of podcasts for a long time, but I honestly never listened to one until last year. I am someone who has always loved to read... whether it is books, magazines or blogs, the printed word has always been my preference. That all changed when I found it next to impossible to ever get any real reading done. And I know some people can read while they walk on a treadmill, but I am NOT one of them... so if I was going to keep up with life and also focus on being more active I definitely needed a new option.

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