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Tuesday, November 3

Originally, the blog at this address was my project 365 photo blog. I had a blog for everything else in another location, but this was my spot to share my daily photos. When I deleted all of my other blogs, this one somehow remained. So, the other day I was looking back through those old posts and it struck me how much I used to love taking pictures just for fun. Sometimes I used prompts to guide me, but usually it was whatever caught my eye for the day. So anyhow... I took some photo while I was out exploring with Aiden the other day. I took photos of lots of things, but of course when I actually sit down at the computer I want to see the ones of him first. So here are a few photos of my favorite little nature explorer. 

He has my eyes... and has stolen my heart. I am so blessed to be his mama! I want these photos to always remind me to make time to just be present with the people I love. Yes, sometimes I will make them let me photograph them in the process, but the photo taking is only part of the story. The exploring together and the entertaining conversations (this kid cracks me up every single day...) are great treasures. I don't want to let these days slip by unnoticed... they go too fast already!

Now it is November... which means soon it will be January (whether I like it or not, ha!) and I admit there is a tiny part of me that is thinking of trying a 365 again. I never finish them, but I always love the photos I get for as long as I am keeping up with it. Without fail the months of January through about March are the most photographed of our lives, haha! Hmmm...

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