#ParentTeacherMeetUp - Week 8

Monday, November 2

What was your best teaching moment this week? Okay so I struggled with if sharing this would sound braggy, but I decided that it is something I want to remember so I should just go ahead and record it. Aiden attended Saturday Art School at the local university this week. Once each semester they do a 2-hour class for the kids. No matter how much I believe in the choices we have made for Aiden's education, I still struggle with insecurity every once in a while. So, when I picked Aiden up and the Professor supervising the program told me I had a bright boy it pretty much made my week. 

What was your biggest struggle? This week was a little nutty because my niece ended up in the hospital and had her appendix removed. We spent one day with her in the hospital, and clearly we didn't get much "school" done. But, we did do crafts and talk a lot about medical stuff and Aiden got to put into action the lessons we have been trying to teach him about caring for others. 

Were there any milestones met or special accomplishments this week? Aiden completed his first month of Book It. He filled another 30 book reading log, and I am pretty sure there were several read that never got written down. He also has been teaching Matt things about minecraft that he read in his library book. Those books are super wordy, and not at all on his level, so we just thought he was only looking at the pictures. He is so full of surprises. I am so proud of him. 

What resources did you use this week that were awesome? The Hoffman Academy piano lessons continue to be awesome! I wrote more about them in this post, and have a coupon code to share there as well as a free printable lesson tracker! Go check it out! 

Best kid quote of the week: Aiden was upset with me and came to the doorway and said, "Mama, I told my phone to unfriend you." It was one of those instances where I couldn't help but laugh. Of course we talked about not being a stinker afterwards. 

Kid's choice (Share their favorite parts of the week from their perspective): Aiden says art class was his favorite. He liked that he got to paint a volcano with kool aid. (If you want to read why I now dislike kool aid paint check out this instagram post, hahah!)

Hopes for the week ahead: I hope to do a little more structured learning this week in subjects other than math and reading. 

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  1. These pictures are SO beautiful!! I love seeing your SLR images so so very much. It reminds me that I need to get out my "big girl" camera more and not rely on my cell phone for everything... I really hope to do one of these link-ups soon. Right now most of Eli's pre-K is mostly unstructured. We kind of just talk about whatever comes up (like you did in the hospital!) and I think that he has learned more that way then the structured stuff I try to get him to do. I am hoping to get us into some better habits this month though, so it feels more comfortable to work on school but I love all of these random conversations we're having right now.

  2. What a great way for you to document the learning you are sharing with your son!

  3. This is such a fun post and what lovely photos.

    xoxo, Jenny

  4. You always take sure beautiful pictres.


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