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Friday, November 27

I love getting to meet amazing new women and develop friendships through blogging. During the month of November I was paired up with someone I know I am going to have that friendship with going forward. We met through a fun little project called Solidarity Sisters, and spent the month (well, what time we could commit to it!) looking at each other's blogs and chatting about all things bloggy. Today, I want to introduce her to my readers as well, because I think you are going to enjoy her blog.

Amanda is the writer behind Give Her Grace, a blog that's devoted to encouraging women in their various seasons of life. She writes about motherhood, women's ministry and all the messy everyday life in between. She is a wife to Brian and mother to two precious girls, Brooke and Georgia.

Here are a few posts you may want to start with when you visit her blog:

One of the things I love about both Amanda and her blog is that she has a heart for ministry outside the home as well. As women with young children, we both have a desire to serve and lead, but we also both have a calling to make our homes a priority. So I can connect with her on this level. While my ministry efforts are primarily geared toward teens right now, Amanda works with Women's Ministry (another area that tugs at my heart, but that is for another season!). I loved the post below, and wish that she lived next door so we could sit down with a cup of tea (no coffee for me!) and talk about all these things and join forces! That is one of the things about blogging... you connect with amazing people but they are usually far away. One of my dearest online friends likes to say that she is convinced our mansions will be next door to each other in heaven. It always makes me smile. While I often have a love-hate relationship with technology, I am so very grateful for the blessing of these long-distance sisters in Christ.

This is the second time I have participated in Solidarity Sisters, and it really is a lot of fun. If you are a blogger who is looking for support and new genuine connections I encourage you to check it out.

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  1. I'm so glad you really enjoy the Solidarity Sisters! It's fun to see that something I started on a whim has been so beneficial for so many bloggers!


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