#ParentTeacherMeetUp - Week 12

Saturday, November 28

I have been sitting here struggling to come up with a post again this week. I have to admit that both my brain and my heart are in holiday mode already. So... how about a quick list of randoms instead of answering questions. You don't mind, right?

  • Aiden is in love with a new-to-us math game that Erin mentioned in one of her posts! It is called prodigy game. It is definitely challenging him in some areas, and that is giving us a chance to work on dealing with his perfectionist tendencies. Really I could write a whole post about just this topic. I am seeing his emotional intensity differently the more I take time to really learn about it and that is good, but I also feel overwhelmed as a parent sometimes. 
  • Waffles are delicious, and we were happy I remembered I had a waffle maker this week.
  • The weather has been MUCH colder... much more typical Nebraska winter. This is forcing me to rethink some things because I can't just chase Aiden outside as easily. 
  • I finally remembered to work with A on scissor skills a bit. We need more work.
  • Google is awesome. This week's topic was negative infinity. Aiden continues to be fixated on all things infinity related. 
  • We read some great books this week. I love that Aiden can read his Arch books to me now. They are definitely not easy readers, and I help him with some of the big words, but he told me the other day "I can read all the books in the world now!" Ha! 
  • Being indoors more has led to him using a greater variety of his toys... often ones I have forgotten he owns. The other day he pulled out lincoln logs and I hadn't seen those in ages. He is still all about creating things. 
  • Mannheim Steamroller is Aiden's new music of choice. It is not my favorite (Matt has always loved it and laughs that now I have to listen to it again) but I do enjoy watching Aiden create crazy dances to the songs he loves. He has great rhythm. I need to get a video. 
  • Charlie Brown continues to be a new favorite. Aiden has been working on learning to draw snoopy, and again I love google because printing coloring pages is helpful sometimes. Aiden rarely likes to color like just in coloring books, but if he has a certain character he is interested in he will sometimes color those pages. He still mostly prefers to create his own pictures. 
  • Probably the coolest thing in the world right now is listening to Aiden pray. He has a really precious faith vocabulary (I can't think of any other way to explain it) and for a five-year-old to pray that God would help us feel His presence and things like that is just beautiful. I just can't even put into words how much this little boy's faith touches my heart and sustains me. God is at work through him already for sure! 

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