Three Years, One Window {10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week}

Sunday, January 10

In 2014 I took that top right photo of Aiden for my (unfinished) project 365. If you look close, he has a milk mustache and a dirty face. It was just so Aiden. And he is standing on my bed looking out the window... you know, the one he climbed out a few times before he was allowed to even be outside alone and then would come in the front door and scare me silly. Anyhow, the following year I took a photo at the same window at the start of January. So, of course I had to do it again this year. He is looking so much more grown up to me lately. 

Now it is that time of week when I stop and think of 10 things that made me happy this week! The first week of 2016 was NOT what we had imagined! I started watching a sweet little 2-month-old, which I love, but my own little one got pretty sick at the same time. He ended up with strep and scarlet fever. It was a weird week! We kind of kept him "quarantined" to protect the baby, and Matt stayed home a couple extra days to help out so Aiden wouldn't be lonely. In spite of some challenges, there was plenty of joy to be found...

  1. Baby snuggles! And all the other sweetness that this baby girl brings with her three days a week!
  2. Our family doctor getting Aiden in right away when he got so sick. Oh, and 4-dose antibiotics!
  3. Finding my Zen tea back in our local walmart (they tend to get rid of everything I really love, ha!)
  4. Quiet mornings with my Heavenly Father.
  5. Fun games from my childhood to play with Aiden, like Guess Who.
  6. Working on knife skills with Aiden with the kid knives my brother got him for Christmas (my knife skills are already improving as a result!)
  7. The sweetness of my local best friend who sent food when Aiden was sick! She is always so thoughtful!
  8. A very fun dinner and game night with the bros (both mine and Matt's) and of course the cheesecake!
  9. My awesome husband who rocked the homemade ravioli for my upcoming post!
  10. The #ParentTeacherMeetUp resuming... I love collaborating with my awesome homeschool mama friends Maggie and Nicolette, and the posts that are linked up always encourage and inspire me!

What made YOU happy this week?!


  1. I love reading your weekly reflections! They help me to think back over my own week and mentally capture my favorite moments.

  2. Such beautiful pictures and what a fun yearly project :) So sorry to hear about your son getting sick!! So much of that going around lately. Always nice to get some baby snuggles in though, isn't it? My downstairs neighbor just had a baby and I love to sneak down when I can to help out with laundry or whatever else she needs to do, just to have a few moments with the little one.

    XOXO and happy Monday!

  3. What wonderful photos - and a lovely gratitude list too. I hope your son is feeling much better now! - Trish

  4. I love those photos! You're a wonderful photographer. And great list. Even during strange and tense weeks there are good things to be found. Your best friend sounds so sweet to bring over a meal! I'm one of those who thinks of things like that after the fact. Sometimes I wish I were more on top of it. :)

  5. I can only imagine having a baby around and a sick kid is extra difficult. But you have a great list of things that have made you happy anyway! Hope you have a good week :)

  6. Those photos are so awesome! You are going to treasure those for years.

  7. Such beautiful photos. I like the idea of weekly reflections it's such a great way to put your week into perspective.


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