Lessons Learned and Future Goals for our Homeschool {#ParentTeacherMeetUp}

Friday, January 8

For the record, this photo is not from 2015, ha! For some reason I just really wanted to share it tonight as I think back on when things were simpler and it was all about learning at Aiden's pace. 

Lessons Learned in 2015

  1. The best laid plans... yeah. All that curriculum I ordered and all that planning I did? It didn't get us very far into the year. I started to learn what works for us, and it was not at all what I had pictured. 
  2. Aiden is not on the same level in all subjects. I knew this, but now I know this. And I am learning strategies to teach him at the levels he needs. Which leads me to my next lesson learned...
  3. Don't get hung up on "grade levels." I remember feeling like I had to justify my choice to buy a "first grade" math curriculum, but more than ever I am passionate about the fact that grade levels are not the best way to choose materials. It does, however, take more time and effort to really evaluate where a child is in a subject when starting out. 
  4. I should remain confident in my beliefs about education and the reasons we are doing it, instead of feeling pressured to do it in a way that will make other people comfortable with our choices. 
  5. Along that line of thinking, I do not need to add in lots of outside activities to make sure Aiden is being socialized. We will choose activities we are passionate about that those that really fit our family instead of letting the busyness rule. Quality over quantity. 
  6. Learning happens all the time. (Sometimes when you would rather it didn't! Ha! Aiden reading everything now has been interesting.)
  7. Play is important. No... play is essentially vital to childhood and education. Can I say that in any stronger way? My 5-year-old needs to play first and foremost. 
  8. The toughest questions will always be asked when you are laying in bed and insanely tired, and there is no such thing as a quick answer to said question. If I have a nickel for every deep or theological conversation I have had with Aiden long after we should have been sleeping I would be rich! Ha!
  9. There will be days when sending him off to school sounds super appealing. However, those days will be far less than the days I am incredibly grateful that I get to have this time with my child and help him learn (while making sure he plays even more... see #7) 
  10. It all goes so fast. I know this lesson is one I have been learning since Aiden's birth, but I see it even more now that I have hit the "school age" years. If I can slow things down a bit for Aiden and let him be a kid a little longer, I want to do that. After all, he is only 5 (for 5 more months anyhow! And then he will be only 6... just a little kid with a lot of growing up yet to do!)
  11. Lists don't have to end at 10. March to the beat of your own drum and own it!

Goals for 2016
  1. Spend more time outside.
  2. Be more consistent with piano lessons.
  3. Play more. 
  4. Learn to cook with my boy (I am sure I will learn as much as he does as we learn technique!)
  5. Read all the books. 
  6. Focus on life skills and independence.
  7. Spend more time at the library.
  8. Spend more time with Grandma soaking up her wisdom. 
  9. Do more art and listen to more great music. 
  10. Start catechism study in earnest.

If you are interested, you can read more about my general 2016 goals HERE. Also linking up with the Homeschool Blog and Tell

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    1. Yes!! To all of it! Books are hard to find based on grade level; I find every curriculum book we pick up overlaps tremendously from grade to grade and they all seem to have different ideas of what to teach in each grade too. We tend to skip around; even with our math books. Play is TREMENDOUSLY important (and still is for my 11 year old!)... time flies... I mean flies! I remember when they were all babies, toddlers and preschoolers and now I have a second, fifth and sixth grader?! That's crazy!

    2. That is such a sweet picture!

    3. These are wonderful goals to have. I try not to get too caught up with how asynchronous our son is. It's part of who he is and his learning journey. But it's hard.

    4. So much of this resonated with me as a homeschooler, its encouraging! I forget how important playing and just being a kid is sometimes! Thanks for sharing!

    5. This is so important not to focus on grade levels and subjects. Each child learns at their own pace, and in what they are interested in learning. I am trying to incorporate more play with my children into our homeschool also. Thanks for hosting the party, and hope you have an amazing week :)

    6. I enjoyed reading your goals and reflections. Thanks for linking up at the Homeschool Blog & Tell!


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