Behind the Scenes - My Recent Project and What Comes Next...

Monday, October 28

The past month has been really interesting for me. I have been working with a wonderful friend and artist to help her with some online projects. In my typical fashion, I have been alllll over the place. I started off thinking I would focus on one or two things, and pretty soon I was trying to learn all the things. It has been wonderful and frustrating (because: technology) and so, so good for my brain to be engaged in this way again.

A few years ago I got to do some similar work for my dear friend Stephanie. That relationship was one of creative synergy from way back in the days of our Edit Me challenge. (Anyone remember that? Wow, I miss those days...) It has been really fun revisiting what I have learned through the years... and realizing that so much of it no longer applies! Ha! That is the nature of online work. This has led to a need for lots and lots of learning. Webinars, courses, reading article after article. Talk about information overload!

Then, yesterday, something started to crystallize. I sat down with Matt and started talking about everything that I have been working on and learning, and I realized that there is something here. I am finally figuring out which parts of all this I love, and which parts I could leave. I am feeling like perhaps there could be a way for me to really help people with this set of talents God has given me. We still have a lot to discuss, and I still have a LOT to learn... but it will be interesting to see what comes of it.

I do know one thing. I am super excited to continue helping Jamie as she continues to create and inspire. I really believe in her mission to get the Word of God in front of more people, and help nurture creativity as we remember that we are created in the image of a creator!! So much good stuff. This week we are rolling out the website I have been building (which is why no one has seen much of me lately... I turn into a hermit when I am doing that kind of work) and she is releasing an amazing project that I am so excited about! Hop on over to the website and sign up to be alerted when it goes live!

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