Hitting the Keys Again

Saturday, November 7

 I have been thinking about returning to this space a lot lately. That always happens when summer ends... autumn has always been my return-to-blogging season. Yet it has taken me weeks to actually sit down to type something this time. Mostly because I can't figure out where to start or what I want to share. I feel like that is probably what has prevented me from really resuming in years past. I log on, waffle around a little, share a few unrelated things and then eventually lose interest. So I am asking myself again... what is it that I really miss. 

I think the answer is that I miss taking the time to record things. I think it is valuable to slow down long enough to really see what is going on in the days and weeks that often run together. I also think that in this season I have almost no short-term memory, as I have seen evidenced in how I cannot remember to return simple texts and how recording homeschool hours threatens to make my head explode if I wait more than a day to do it. I am constantly relying on instagram posts to jog my memory about what we did for school on a specific day, but even there I have been posting less and less. 

So, here I am again... wishing I had never lost the habit of recording things but also looking back and wishing there was less "other stuff" from days of blogging past. That realization seems to be new to me. I really have no desire to write tutorials or reviews or any of those types of posts that I go caught up in doing for a while. At least not here. (I do plan to write things like that for my friend Jamie... you know, the one I said I might write for this time last year, ha!) So realizing that I get this urge to go back and clean up content until I get just the stuff I want. This is similar to the urge to deal with the 10,000 photos I have of Aiden's first 7 years of life. The similarity is this: both are completely overwhelming. So... maybe someday. 

Today, I am just going to be content with having visited this space, and who knows what comes next. The thing I know for sure is that it sure feels good to be hitting these keys, and the sound of this organic typing always makes me smile.  

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