Day 30
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Day 30


Sooo tired.
And stuffed from yummy dinner ;-)

p.s. I am signed up for this online workshop:

Starts Feb 1st!


  1. looks like yummy baked potato soup, mmmmm

  2. It is bratwurst, cabbage and potato soup. My new favorite!!

  3. Hi!!!
    I just wanted to drop in and say hello :) and also to pass on a little project that you might be interested in!!

    It's called the photo swap. My friend Kendra started it a few months ago and it has just been a blast to do!

    Come check it out! I think being a photography lover, you will really enjoy it:

    Here's how far the swap has come:

    Hope you will come play with us :)


    Our emails: (creator) (participant)

  4. I guess I'll see you in "class" then -- I signed up for Willette's class too!

    Nice pictures -- you have an adorable little boy. I'm so glad to meet you! : )

  5. I'm signed up too! Hoping I didn't take on too much, but the support from other 365ers has been amazing so far! Great shot and now I'm hungry...

  6. Hi. Yummy photo! I signed for that workshop too. Should be fun!

  7. that looks yummy! I signed up for that class too! "see" ya there!

  8. Great blog! I'm now following from the January Blog Hop! Please follow back at: Feel free to enter to win! :)


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