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Day 59

Because I took the photo below on Saturday, I couldn't use it for today's photo. I am still linking up for Good to Wow though. This is my SOOC and I haven't edited this one yet. Going to see what I can learn this week first! =)

35mm, 1/25s, f/4.5, ISO 800

Day 58

Okay, coming in on the tail end of iPhoneography this week! I thought a dreamy photo in his little pjs would be fun, but I also needed a "blurred" photo for my scavenger hunt post. I also did a "Saturday Selfie" for my fitness post yesterday, but had already posted my baby blue eyes here, and he is cuter! Hope everyone has had a great weekend!! 

Motorola Droid X - App: Vignette (about $5), Mode: Dreamy

Day 57

Aiden wanted to get up close and personal with my camera today, LOL!

Day 56

SOOC - 38mm (with macro lens converter attached), 1/15s, f/4.8, ISO 200

The prompt for the Live Every Moment challenge today was "blue" so I decided to snap a photo of some lovely frozen blueberries ;-) Aiden loooove these "no sugar added" berries pureed with tofu!

Day 55

I am so sick today. =( This is my actual photo of the day... hope I feel better fast, since we have company coming!
However, at least I had already gotten my edits for Good to Wow and Before & After done! =) I had a lot of fun editing these, and remembered to take notes on what I did...

Remove color cast, Color Pop 2 action, Coffeeshop Vintage Valentine texture (texture color add only on objects)
The edit above ended up being my favorite, and I am using it for

Remove color cast, Golden Vintage action

This one had more of the "pink" feel to it, so I am using this one for:

Day 54

Ran the Coffeeshop Splendor B/W action  
I was so amazed at how much this looks like a photo of my mom in the tub as a baby! The vintage feel definitely adds to is, but the genes on my side of the family run strong, too ;-) Hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday... I always enjoy being unplugged during the day on Wednesday! I have also been loving the series of guest posts that I run on Wednesdays over at My Reflection of Something! (gotta plug my other blog once in a while, right? hehe)

the long road

Day 53

Dreaming of Spring Weather!
Okay, so this whole photo challenge thing makes me nervous! I feel like I am trying to play with the cool kids when I am just a wanna-be! Haha. But I am going to do it, because those "cool kids" have a lot to teach me, and can hopefully inspire me to really go for it every day! So, here is my photo for the Simplicity Photography Challenge, with the prompt being "Weather". Taken in my back yard while rolling around on the freezing ground! We definitely do not have spring weather here right now! Critique away (and, as always, that goes for all my posts!)

Day 52

40mm, 1/50s, f/5.0, ISO 100

40 mm, 1/30s, f/9.0, ISO 400

Okay, so I have been thinking about adding some photo challenges to my daily routine, since I feel like I am kind of in a rut lately. I have always like this Good to Wow challenge, and the prompt for this week is "Pink". As a mama to one little boy, this is as close as I get to buying pink baby stuff! If Aiden had been a girl he would have been swimming in pink, though! So anyways here are my SOOC shots... I made the mistake of moving my camera when I closed my aperture to get the bottles in focus. So, while I like the aperture in #2, I liked the angle better in #1. I am going to edit both, just to see what happens! I like taking pictures of objects, because I feel like I can really experiment with editing! I will post the before & after on Thursday!

Day 51

A loves these little dinos, and I was inspired by my crazy bathmats tonight... don't they look like grass? LOL! So there you have it, my fun for the evening. I got caught up on a lot of blogs tonight! Hopefully I will be better at keeping current... someday! =)

Day 50

It's that time of the week again... time to link up at One Mom's Perfect Imperfection for Iphoneography. No, I don't use an iphone... I much prefer my Droid! ;-) But any camera phone will do... and I will say one thing: It is a lot easier to quietly photograph sleeping boys with my phone. Decided this week to capture the same subject with the standard camera and then 3 different apps for comparison. The baby was stirring a bit, but luckily stayed asleep!

Regular Motorola DroidX Camera
Camera 360 App

Camera ZOOM Fx App

Retro Camera App

Day 49

The last few days have been just about perfect! However, I have been away from the computer non-stop and today I honestly did not pick up my camera at all. So I got a quick photo of A on his new car for you, just to keep up and hopefully share a smile. (Oh, and I think I messed up my export setting because I noticed yesterday's photos looked fuzzy and this one does too... I will try to figure out what I did tomorrow!) I will be back soon to catch up (again!)... Have a blessed weekend everyone!

Day 48


Cousins - I love how A is soaking up the sunshine on his face. Pure sunshine joy today! =)

Day 46

I am so sorry I have been so lame this week. I am hoping Wireless Wednesday does me a world of good, I will return on Thursday ready to make up for lost time! I decided to make it simple, and just post the photo I snapped tonight with my phone (and edited using to create the banner thingy for my guest posts over on My Reflection of Something. Have a wonderful Wednesday everybody!

Day 44


***EDIT***I got a lot of comments asking about processing on this one... I actually did not even use PSE... just overexposed the shot a bit in camera (intentionally) and then adjusted the white balance, increased the contrast, and cropped it down to square using picasa. The funniest part to me is I almost didn't post it because I wasn't sure I liked it! So I really appreciate the comments :) I am posting my SOOC shot as requested!

Day 43

I craved these all the time when I was pregnant! Wheat english muffin with tomato, cheese and bacon. Yumm!

Day 42

Anyone recognize this game? It was a favorite when we were kids! =)
Thanks so much for all the encouragement yesterday. I am comfortable shooting in manual in a controlled setting, but getting used to it on the fly is tricky! I will continue to work on it, and appreciate any pointers you send my way. Have a great weekend everyone!

Day 41

Action: Coffeeshop Vintage Blush
Dinner at Mom's tonight... I actually put the camera on manual when playing with the kids. Maybe I am learning something! Not a perfect picture, but taking the camera off auto with flash in a family setting is kind of big for me ;-)

Day 38


So tonight I literally grabbed my camera and took a picture of the first thing I saw. Then I went nuts with the editing... just because I could! LOL! I am in a realllly cranky mood, so I needed a little fun without lots of thought. Which means I have no idea what I did to get that final product! I know I am behind on comments, and I apologize. I will catch up with you all eventually!