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Day 90

I know lots of moms brag about how their kids never needed a pacifier... but honestly I will kind of miss it when A doesn't use his anymore! He is just so darn cute with it! hehe...
 And now a little catch-up on Good to Wow! I am a whole week behind on posting edits. You may remember last week I posted an "after" photo of the rose Matt gave me for Valntine's Day. I thought I would put those photos side-by-side, fresh and dried, just for fun...

Linking this one up with the Simplicity Photography Challenge this week, since we don't have any flowers growing in these parts yet! ;-)

And now my edits for this week's {green} theme edits:

Brightened this one up a bit with a texture, and then removed the texture from the fruit and kept the color only.
Thought I would have fun with this one. Used the Moody Pop action on it!

Day 88

Ok, I am exposing myself as the closet geek I am with this post! Haha. Last night we were all about the Heroscape. It is so much fun, and provided a great opportunity for me to take a couple photos of something unique during the infinitely long setup process. I love how these ended up looking like illustrations. I used a free texture from Kim Klassen. (I think... 99% sure it is one of hers. Even if it isn't you should check her out! I get a free texture every week by being on her mailing list)

And now, because I have been a little down lately, I thought I would throw in some fun just so you know I am not always so grouchy! LOL! And no, I did not take the gem in the bottom right... my sister and hubby left me that surprise on my camera while I was rocking A to sleep. As a thank you, I am posting it here for the world to see! hehe ;-)

Day 86

I did not even pick up my camera on Day 86... Thank goodness for camera phone pics! The lesson to be learned from these is that if your baby regularly paws all over your phone with grubby bubby hands you should wipe the lens before you use it as a camera! haha :)

Day 85

Today's photo is just me... no makeup, jewelry, cute clothes or fancy hairstyle.
I am beautiful without these things... just the way God made me.
And I am the most beautiful I have ever been because of the love that motherhood has brought to my life.

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Day 84

Some shots out my back door of our Spring snow storm! Don't forget to link up for iPhoneography this weekend! I am posting early, but the actual linky will be up later tonight at One Mom's Perfect Imprefection(no iphone required... I shoot with a Motorola Droid X and use the Vignette app)

Day 83


Thank you for being my cheerleaders yesterday! For the record, I am not discouraged with this project or my photos. There is just some stuff going on personally that has me kind of down, and that makes it hard to keep up with things like this. But I do appreciate your kind words, and I am still here and will try my best to keep it up! :)

Day 82

Another camera phone pic...
I am having a hard time right now, but don't want to throw in the towel!
So this is all I have at the moment...

Day 81

One tired little dude...
(camera phone photo)
I am pretty tired myself! Feel like it has been forever since I had time to relax for even a few minutes! But I am also super excited, because one of my photos made the top 5 in a challenge for the first time ever! Remember this one?

Feel free to head over to VOTE FOR ME! ;-)

Day 80

Remember the rose my hubby got me for valentine's day? No? Go look, I will wait... Well, everything is still brown here and so for the "flower" theme on Good to Wow this week I had to get creative! So, here is that same rose...

And for those of you who love to edit, there is a photo of my little man featured in this week's Edit Me challenge! I would love to see some edits from my 365 friends for sure! Go check it out!

Day 78

The Hubs <3

 And I never got a chance to post my good to wow edit for this week! Here you go:

It has been wonderful having company here this weekend! Aiden has been amazingly well-behaved! He is always a good baby but he warmed right up, skipped a couple naps, and still was a jolly good little fellow! Last night he kept laughing in his sleep, and did not want to miss any fun by sleeping... he gets that from his Mama. Of course these days I would gladly take a little more sleep, haha. Hope everyone is having an equally great weekend!

Day 77

I am out of the "bloggy office" this weekend ;-) My mother-in-law and two of my brothers-in-law came up to visit! And the coolest part? The BiL pictured below, Pete, is staying when they leave! Which means until he finds a job I have a live-in "manny" hehe. Maybe I will finally get to figure out my camera and read some books and tutorials! I will do my best to post a photo tomorrow as well, but you will probably just get camera phone pics this weekend. Thank goodness for iPhoneography, huh?
As usual, shooting with the Motorola Droid X and the Vignette app... just realized tonight that the resolution on this app was turned way down to 3.2! I wondered why my photos hadn't been very sharp lately!

Day 76

Dinner with the Fam tonight. There was...

St. Patrick's Day siliness...

Piggy-tail cuteness...

And birthday cake for my Mom! =)